The Villa

Friday, July 29, 2011
I made this pink flowery sign for my bestest-buddy in the whole wide world who unfortunately for me, is moving to the coast. She stated she needed a sign outside her door to tell everyone her name, unlike me--- I have a "no soliciting" sign :-P.... Here you go sweetie pie, I made this totally with you in mind.... happy, sparkly, joyous, fun, whimsical and beautiful... just like you.Nellrene has been my personal cheer leader for many-many years. You know the type, always upbeat-happy and encouraging you on no matter what... What a true gift she has been to me and my family. She is my total inspiration for being a fabulous Nana! I love you Nellrene, you are and will forever be my bestest-buddy in the whole wide world!! We'll be up to visit you soon, pinky swear.


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