Sunday Sailing

Monday, August 15, 2011
We took a drive to San Juan Batista for the yearly antique street fair they host every year in August. The houses that are surrounding the event have your usual yard sale things for sale-- which is where I purchased all of that things I bought! I made a new fabric shopping cart insert for the occasion, my other one was plum worn out! I used a floral shower curtain that I cut apart and repurposed as the liner. I updated my "Artsy Fartsy" sign as well--- bigger than ev-va! There was some fabulous antique and vintage things to look at-- This lovely dress form was $500.00.... LOVE IT!Isn't this a cute way to sell vintage buttons?Look at this over-the-top-cute dog bed made using an old vintage piece of luggage...This van was something that immediately caught my attention. It is covered with aluminum foil!! LOVE-LOVE IT!and its for sale!! I just love the texture on it, I could see my '66 Mustang covered in foil..... I'm just sayin'...

I did manage to find some treasures to haul home. I bought this jewelry for $5 and the three spoons for $1. The rocks were $2, I always buy rocks whenever I see them being sold so cheaply-- I have them in my yard so my grandkids can find them. If they are going to collect rocks, for even sakes, they are going to collect cute ones!My husband bought his clock for only a $1-- it works, so now I guess I have to clean it!This step stool chair was $2, I'm going to paint the metal and cover the step and seat part with something cute... I was wanting/needing a higher seat/stool in my studio, so hopefully this one will work. (I've yet to try it out because its so dirty!)These odds and ends were only $3..... the teeny-tiny flower frog is something I've never seen before.Here is a slideshow of some random pictures from the antique fair.

It was a fun afternoon even though it was really H-O-T. It was a real eye opener at how much all the "blingy" jewelry sells for. I guess from now on I won't wrinkle my nose and PASS up all the "blingy" jewelry I find at yard sales that they are only asking a buck each for. I've linked up with Freckled Laundry's "Air your Laundry" linky party.


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