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Thursday, August 18, 2011
I've been playing with some of my jewelry stash recently. I've started off slowly, not trying to burn myself out before even starting. I began by making these three fairy brooches. They are still works in progress~ Here is another...This little cutie is just screaming for a party hat....Thats as far as I got with those...I got bored.

Then I turned my attention to making some spoon charms. Firstly, I had to bend them...Then I had to cut them and bend a loop to create a hanger so they could be turned into charms. Thats as far as I got with those... yep, I got bored with making those as well.Next, I turned my attention to making some dominoe pendants. I've wanted to make some dominoe pendants for-eva.... I looked at several images of finished dominoes... and noticing most had one hole at the top and anywhere from one to three holes at the bottom to hang charms or crystals... I was in need of a drill press to create precise holes in the dominoes. Trying to hold a big drill and drill a teeny-tiny hole into something small isn't easy. I've seen table top drill presses on other blogs, but never paid to much attention to really looking at them, or even better yet... asking the blogger where they got them. So, I was on a mission to acquire one! Firstly, I googled the following words: drill press, small drill press, mini drill press. Nothing that showed up that was even remotely close to what I wanted. Next, I searched local hardware stores online to see if they carried small drill presses. Nope. I did however spot something that is called a drill holder. Cool. I bought this at Harbor Freight for only $20. It can be free standing or you can mount it to something to keep it steady. I had my husband cut some thick plywood for me so I could screw the drill press to it. I decided to spruce it up a smidge seeing how I plan on keeping this for. ever. Since this is essentially a tool, I decided to give the base an old-old metal look. Of course metal tape is a super easy way to create some metal-magic in a snap. First thing I did was to cover the entire base with metal tape wrapping around the edges with a little attached to the backside. For fun, I glued some thin wooden flowers and some chipboard dots, that I punched with a hole puncher, around the edge of the board.Once the glue set on the flowers & dots, I added some more metal tape to cover the embellishments. Then at every overlap of the metal tape, I used a rotary marking wheel to create little holes like rivet marks. I then used acrylic paint to age the metal.... taaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaa. Instant drill press. Isn't she a beaut? *sigh* Thats as far as I got.... I got bored with that. I couldn't even bring myself to dig out some dominoes and give it a try.

I think tomorrow I'll drag out my sewing machine~


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