Ermine Fur Jacket - 1963

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While you normally think of ermine fur as being white, the ermine's coat actually changes with the seasons.  It is a soft beige with a white belly in summer and pure white in winter.  In 1963, Sarmi designed this summer ermine fur jacket that has a decided casual feel to wear for day or evening.  Big buttons and a herringbone cut to the pelts give this jacket it's sporty look.

Coffee time


Right now I need coffee more than Dior needs Galliano!  Which coffee, nespresso - what else right?

Last night I was talking with a friend of mine that almost all BIG names in the world of fashion design are missing these days... First of all late Alexander Mcqueen, than Galliano and Decarnin... Bummer... We are only left with Marc Jacobs, and it's a big pressure on that guy, luckily Frida Giannini, Peter Dundas also I love that young Olivier Rousting did for Balmain in Paris for the following season...

Trenutno,  meni vise treba kafa nego sto Dioru treba Galliano.... Koja kafa? Pa Nespresso, what elese? Da li cu docekati Nespresso kafic u BG? Hmmmmm....

Sinoc sam pricala sa drugaricom o tome kako ovih dana nedostaju sva NAJVECA imena sa modnog igralista: preminuli Alexander McQueen, optuzeni Galliano &  Decarnin (gde je on postoje oprecana misljenja)... sve moji ljubimci... Ostaje nam jos samo Marc Jacobs i sve oci uprte u njega! Kakav pristisak, nije lako biti Marc... Ipak, odsustvo velikih imena je mozda i dobra podloga za stvaranje nekih novih legendi: Frida Giannini razbija, fantasticni Peter Dundas, obozavam ono sto je mladi Olivier Rousting uradio za Balmain i talentovani gospodin Bailey je potpuno razbio mononotiju u Burberry-u i sve vise nas odusevljava....
Ko je vas favorit?

Paris Couture Evening Gowns - 1936

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Today, we'll continue our look at Paris couture from the 1930s with evening gowns from 1936.  Which is your favorite?

Madeleine Vionnet gown with white tulle ruffles.

Maggy Rouff red velvet tunic and skirt.  The tunic is completely smocked.

Elsa Schiaparelli red crepe gown with exclusive print in white.

Jean Patou black crepe with lace yoke and sleeves.

Lucien Lelong midnight blue jersey with gathers at one shoulder.

I did it...

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...I finally put something on my etsy site. Here is the link. It was time consuming and stressful not knowing if I was doing it right. .... I'm still not sure I did it right lol... but, in the end I guess it was easier than I feared it would be...... but I'm not listing anymore until I know for sure!

Agent Provocateur Sheets!


Agent Provocateur always finds a way to spice up bedroom atmosphere, this time it's reserved for sheets. Check the photos, I love it!

Svi veliki brendovi pored modne scene prosiruju svoje igraliste i na sferu Home Decora. Naravno, to je ucinio i tvorac najsexipilnijeg vesa Agent Provocateur i odlucio da ostavi svoj pecat, pa gde drugo nego u spavacoj sobi !

Posteljine su napravljene od najluksuznijeg satena i pamuka sa sljokicama ili resama...  izbor boja i modela je i vise nego fenomenalan! Bacite pogled na slike, ja sam odusevljena! Bravo za AP!

Suits Illustrated - 1963

Department stores often used illustrations instead of photographs in high fashion magazines and newspapers as it was less expensive to hire an artist than it was to hire a fashion photographer, a model and a studio.  Some illustrators were on staff at the stores, come worked for the advertising agency, and some were self employed with contracts to provide drawings for the store. Only well known artists were allowed to add their signature to the drawing.  These illustrations are all from one magazine in August of 1963. 

I. Magnin & Co.  "A look of elegance, a look of opulence...three-piece costume of Anglo's lacy-textured wool tweed with natural Canadian lynx 300.00...from our Manor-Bourne Collection designed exclusively for I. Magnin".  (about $2221.00 in today's dollar.)

Bonwit Teller, illustration by Kenneth Paul Block.  "From Ben Barrack, magnum houndstooth checks in a costume of brushed mohair and wool.  Unexpected tour de force: the opulent peau de soie bodice.  Pink, amber or white-checked with black, bodice and scarf in black.  $145.00."  (About $1074.00 in today's dollar.)

Best & Co.  "Bardley blends the perfect ensemble....of imported wools.  Well-bred wools are a Bardley byword and as you can see here they know just how to mix texture and color and line ot a connoisseur's taste.  Both in cranberry, pebble beige, loden green or French blue.  Coat with set-away collar of thick, airy, silky wool tweed.  $125.00.  Suit of needlepoint wool.  $90.00."  (About $925 and $665 in today's dollar.)

Saks Fifth Avenue  "Our own Sophie's town suit prophecy in French wool tweed - the attenuated jacket jersey-framed at the neckline to match the shell beneath, $395.00."  (About $2924.00 in today's dollar.)
Lord & Taylor, illustration by Dorothy Hood.  "High casual - new turnabout of suit with buttons up the back, scarf all around - the easy mood of Monte-Sano and Pruzan, in black and white windowpane wool from France.  $290.00."  ($2147.00 in today's dollar.)

Do you Pin?

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Pinterest that is? Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I fought it for as long as I could but....Seriously, its true! So many things to see that you start getting punching thinking..... I've just one thing to say..... There is no known cure except to just... At least stretch you legs once in awhile, you will be surprised how long you'll be sitting there looking at all the pretties. If your wanting to check it out-- come visit my bulletin boards. If you see something fabulous anywhere online you'd like to save a photo of---- pin it to one of your own bulletin boards. Ohhhhhhhh-m-geeeeeeeee your going to love & hate the hours and hours your going to be on it. Guaranteed! When you try to sign up, they put you on a waiting list of sorts. I know right? I can "friend" you in faster, I'll get you hooked up! *NOTE* I need your email address to invite you. Some of the comments left on my blog have a "no reply return email address-- so make sure I can get a hold of you if your wanting to be included in the fun!

11 Pieces Make a Wardrobe - 1954

Fall has arrived and with it the traditional colors of brown, orange, and gold.  Take those shades, add a couple of prints that co-ordinate and you've got endless possibilities to mix and match.  Two dresses (the solid brown at the far right and the print shirtwaist next to it combine with a solid brown vest, brown straight skirt, brown bolero jacket, brown Bermuda shorts, a solid gold blouse, a print blouse and skirt, and an orange knit sweater jacket and skirt for a week's worth of outfits.

If you put your mind to it, I'll bet you could come up with an entire month's worth of outfits from these 11 pieces and not repeat the same one twice.  How would you mix it up?  I'd wear the brown bolero with the darker printed shirtdress.  Or I'd pair the gold blouse and orange jacket with the solid brown skirt.  Or I'd.............fill in the blank in the comments!


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I was so amazed to see this Isabel Marant jacket in Zara version! I have already wrote about it in my Fall key pieces post! It's already my favorite piece, I'm sure you will be seeing it a lot these season... Also, tomorrow I will write a post about one women that was a famous painter and had amazing lie story:)

Da, danas sam u crno-belom fazonu, ova kombinacija je uvek chic (makar meni).... Na sebi imam Zara inspired by Isabel Marat prsluk, o kome sam vec pisala u postu key pieces za sezonu.. vec mi je omiljen komad i vidjacete ga sigurno:)

Malo sam zanemarila tekstove u poslednje vreme, ali uskoro obecavam post o jednoj fenomenalnoj zeni sa nesvakidasnjom zivotnom pricom:)

Wearing Vintage Sweaters - 1954

I spent a couple of days last week adding this year's collection of vintage sweaters to the website.  If you've never worn a vintage sweater, I urge you to give one a try.  They are made from much higher quality yarns that those of today and they are usually fully fashioned, which means the pieces are knitted into shape, not cut and sewn from a flat piece of fabric.

Since it's now officially fall (drat!), I thought I would show you some photos of sweaters from 1954.  They're all matched with basic pants and skirts in khaki and gray. Prices shown are the actual prices from 1954 and today's equivalent is in parentheses.

Left:  Pringle gray cashmere pullover with a stripe of lighter gray in the mock turtleneck.  $26 ($219)
Center:  Bernhard Altmann strawberry red cashmere pullover with short sleeves.  $23 ($194)
Right:  Korrigan-Lesure black button down cardigan worn with the buttons in back.  $35 ($295)

Left:  Braemar ribbed pullover in pale ivory.  $23 ($194)
Center:  Hadley red cashmere short sleeve with white stripe accents.  $22 ($185)
Right:  Jantzen ivory wool/vicara blend pullover with white angora neck and cuffs.  $11 ($93)

Left:  Dalton cashmere turtleneck with button placket in ice blue.  $25 ($211)
Center:  Maurice Handler cashmere sweater in the style of a shirt with shirt tail hem.  $30 ($253)
Right:  Goldworm wool rib-knit with zipper neckline.  $14 ($118)

Left:  Geist and Geist purple wool pullover with cowl collar.  $25 ($211)
Center:  Roseanna white ribbed wool with big sailor collar.  $18 ($152)
Right:  Stanley Boutique reversible jacket, cable knit on one side, alpaca on the other.  $40 ($337)

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Coats, Vintage Sweaters, Vintage Furs, Vintage Scarves

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31 new items were added to the website this week, including loads of vintage cashmere sweaters, more vintage coats, some furs and fabulous vintage scarves.  Be sure to check our What's New pages to see all the latest listings!

1960s pop art coat by Michael Novarese

1920s beaded coat by Philip Mangone

1950s Dalton beaded cashmere sweater

1960s Ballantyne cashmere argyle sweater

1950s genuine fox fur stole

1970s Vera silk scarf

Weekend Eye Candy - Elsa Schiaparelli, 1936

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Earlier this week I posted about Elsa Schiaparelli and her use of plastic zippers in the 30s.  Here is another example from her Fall/Winter line from 1935/36.  The dress on the left is a black wool knit lined in white satin.  The bodice of the dress has a white plastic zipper at the front.  Schiaparelli used the same zippers to decorate the gloves.  Love that belt with the angled buckle!

Ends Today! 2 Ways to Save at Couture Allure

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Today is your last chance to grab a deal during our 2 Ways to Save extravaganza!  Sale ends at midnight Eastern time tonight!

Deal #1 - Take 20% off any purchase from our 1970s Collection.  There are over 50 fabulous 1970s dresses, coats, furs and accessory items for you to choose from.  Simply enter coupon code "70sonsale" at checkout and your discount will be automatically applied.  Discount does not apply to shipping charges or previous sales.

Diane Dickinson silk butterfly dress - now just $180!

Huge Bohemian necklace - now just $100!

Hermes wool and leather skirt - now just $220!

Deal #2 - Take an extra 10% off any items in our Sale Room!  I just added lots of new markdowns to the Sale Room yesterday.  Don't miss your chance for an even better deal!  Simply enter coupon code "extra10" at checkout.  Discount does not apply to shipping charges or previous purchases.

50s full skirt dress - now just $121.50!

1920s silk velvet gown - now just $265.50!

1940s wool gabardine suit - now just $175.50!