Can you feel it.....

Sunday, January 1, 2012
cool brisk winds are whipping up... dark sullen skies over head... pirate season is a'coming!.... and I'm stoked. A few weeks ago while hitting some garage sales I bought this beauticians make-up head for a quarter. What a deal huh? At first glance I immediately thought of making it into part of a ring toss game for this years upcoming pirate party. The face had some permanent pen marks on it, but they were in the general area where I would be adding more color so that wasn't a problem. Here is the "before"... Here is the "after".... I pulled out a pirate costume from my large stash of outfits and stitched it to fit the form. I used the black part of the dress to make a skull cap with. I added a scruffy beard with a stencil brush and different color inks...I also dirtied up his face a little by dragging the ink pads directly onto the face and rubbing it in a little bit. The eyes, eyebrows and lips I used regular markers. I need to find a large hoop earring and an eye patch to finish it up. But in the mean grandkids are enjoying playing with it!


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