Shabby Chic Bedroom

Monday, January 16, 2012
I've gotten one room in the barbie doll house close to being finished. Here it is in all its glory~The bed I made out of illustration board. I love how it has an old antique feel to it....The little white three tiered table next to the bed I made using illustration board as well. I distressed both the bed and table to give them both an old shabby feel....Whats a home without a cat?Here is the armoire that I added some shelves too, the standing bird cage I made to hang the metal bird cage I found....As the decorator of this house, I was just informed that Barbie wants the wall torn down between the two rooms to create a larger, more spacious bedroom.... I totally agree--- so down it came~Back to square one on "finishing up ONE room" in the barbie house.
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