Leap Day

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It's Leap Day!  Let's all jump for joy because we have an extra day to live it up this year!
  Go have some fun today!

Blogger Style Crush!

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Her name is Raquelle, she's Italian and I love her style... I strongly reccomand her blog My fashionable world.


Jo Collins - 1958

Jo Collins was a junior label made by Mandel Manufacturing Company in St. Louis.  St. Louis, MO was the center of junior clothing manufacturing in the U.S. from the 1930s into the early 1960s.  Jo Collins was likely not a real person, but rather just a name used by the manufacturer.  The Jo Collins line consisted of dresses, suits, and separates in junior sizes and was active from about 1949 to the early 60s.

The rose print dress above is from 1958 and was made of Everfast cotton.  I love rose prints and this one is especially pretty.  

The same rose print cotton is used in separates as part of the same line in 1958.
Left:  One-piece playsuit.  Sold in 1958 for $8 (about $63 in today's dollar.)
Center:  Blouse and skirt.  Sold in 1958 for $16.50 (about $129 in today's dollar.)  
Right:  Blouson top and shorts.  Sold in 1958 for $14 (about $110 in today's dollar.)

As I've said before, I love coordinating separates.  Don't like the blouson top?  Wear the little blouse from the center with the shorts.  Pop the skirt over the playsuit.  The possibilities are are limited only by your imagination!

New couch and chair

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I bought a plastic barbie couch for .50¢ a few months ago from a thrift store. It was missing the entire back panel of the couch and the bottom as well. I added illustration board cut to fit the openings to fix it up. I wanted a matching chair for the couch, so I used parts of the couch as a pattern and made one completely out of illustration board. I used hot glue to adhere some vintage fabric to the set cutting it to fit the contour of each piece as I went. I added pink trim to the bottom of the set and painted the legs of the couch and chair black.... the matching tall stool was made using a lid off a hair spray can. Barbie is a happy girl~

I've linked to: Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday

Favorite Academy Awards Gown

I am quite amused this morning reading various opinions regarding who wore the best and worst gowns last night to the Academy Awards.  One site gives Gwyneth Paltrow an A for her Tom Ford gown with matching cape, another site gives her an F.  One site says Glenn Close's dress and jacket by Zac Posen were a "Hit", another calls it a "miserable Fail."  When did we start grading the gowns worn by Academy Award attendees?  I prefer to just enjoy the fashion and say everyone looked beautiful.

Instead of rehashing last night's Oscar fashions for you, I thought I would share one of my favorite gowns from the past.  Grace Kelly wore this gorgeous silk satin gown to the 27th Academy Awards in 1955.  The photo was taken for the cover of Life Magazine by Phillipe Halsman.

 The gown was designed by Edith Head (here with her back to the camera) and was worn with a matching evening coat.

Grace Kelly won the Best Actress Oscar that night for her role in The Country Girl.

It is said that the yards and yards of silk used for the gown cost over $4,000.

I love the coat worn over the dress.  It makes it that much more regal and special, don't you think?

Here you can see the gown in motion as Grace accepts her award.  Enjoy!

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses and Hats!

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New this week at Couture Allure are more vintage dresses for spring and some wonderful hats that are perfect for Easter, the Kentucky Derby or the Queen's Jubilee!  Be sure to check our What's New pages to see all the latest listings.

Weekend Eye Candy - Christian Dior, 1949

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Christian Dior, Spring 1949.  I don't really need to say anything else, do I?

Turn the page....

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I am in the process of adding more pages to my blog... I am going to be selling some of my jewelry directly from another page linked to this blog which is called "The Tarnished Crown Boutique." I have enjoyed selling on etsy, but it takes a lot of time to list everything one at a time. This way I can take a photo of several pieces at a time and list them by numbers and hopefully sell things faster and easier this way.

Red Dress - 1949

One red dress, perfect for a day of shopping on 5th Avenue or the Champs Elysees.  Cotton pique is set off with a long row of buttons down the front and a bow at the neckline.  The huge full skirt has deep unpressed pleats and pockets at the hips.  By J.L.F Originals.  Sold in 1949 for $35 (about $441 in today's dollar.)  Bring your own reusable shopping bag, in this case a straw on by Simon.

Quote of the day!

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Love it! So true! No make up can compare to passion... 

Adele Simpson Dress and Capelet - 1964


I always enjoy these ads from Bergdorf Goodman.  The artwork is superb and the wording is beautifully descriptive.  Today, "The Capelet Costume" from February, 1964.  Sold for $160 (about $1,170 in today's dollar.)

"The Capelet Costume...full-of-flair and elegant bravado.  Watch this shape-in-the-news sweep South and into Spring '64, a beautiful balance of crisply-controlled width and eased slenderness.  Adele Simpson flings the breezy little silk-lined cape over a dress of matching rayon Fibranne, its waistline lashed with a sliver of leather.  Navy with vivid green lining and belt, sea green with turquoise, gold nugget with black or black with gold nugget.  Sizes 6 to 16.  From our Plaza Collections, Fourth Floor."

I do think I'd have to choose sea green with turquoise lining and belt.  How about you?

Bragging-- just a little....

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My jewelry is being sold in retail stores. I know right? *insert big grin here*
The latest store to carry my jewelry is owned by called, "The Barn Antiques" it is located in Northville, MI The first store to carry/sell my jewelry is in Alaska, there are about 6 others, but they just carry a few pieces.

Here are some of my pieces that now are being showcased and sold in Michigan~
Some keys....Some of the big spoon necklaces...Some small spoon necklaces...and some vintage anagram charms...I'm jazzed!

In the Swim: Vintage Swimsuits, 1959

Whether you're going on a tropical vacation or just dreaming of one, you're sure to be inspired by these vintage swimsuits from 1959.  2 piece suits were still considered pretty daring at this time, but they begin to show up more and more at this time and into the next few years.  Which one do you like?

Cole of California made these 4 co-ordinates in Siamese silk plaid.  The 2 piece swimsuit could be worn with or without the matching sarong skirt and beach jacket.  4 piece set sold for $70 in 1959 (about $545 in today's dollar.)
John Weitz pleated cover-up is worn over a 2 piece Lastex and cotton faille suit.  Set sold for $25 in 1959 (about $195 in today's dollar.)

Jantzen International Set "Shoji" suit was inspired by Japan.  Fashioned of elasticized mohair-type knit.  Sold for $25 in 1959 (about $195 in today's dollar.)

Catalina maillot in nylon/Lastex knit.  Blue flowers float on a navy background.  Sold for $20 in 1959 (about $156 in today's dollar.)

Sea B's satin Lastex suit in a floral print of turquoise and orange or apple green with blue.  This likely came with removable straps.  Sold for $18 in 1959 (about $140 in today's dollar.)