Latest Jewelry

Friday, February 17, 2012
I've been pulling apart a lot of vintage jewelry recently. I was motivated by a small cabinet with 50 plastic drawers in it which I bought at a yard sale for $5.00... I couldn't wait to fill up each tiny drawer with some shiny bling so I'd have it at the ready to pull from. With this glorious weather we've been having recently its motivated me to make some flower pieces.I've also been playing around with trying to set up an area with a dress form and lighting so I can take better photos of my jewelry. Its hard getting the lighting just right...... To dark.... getting better... better.... Even better-erI think the pieces will show better if I have them actually hanging like a necklace would hang when worn, rather than taking photos of them on a flat surface like I've been doing. I would also like to make different covers for the mannequin to wear so all the photos don't look exactly the same. I'll just add that to all the other things I want to do on my ever growing list!


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