Friday, February 3, 2012
I've been playing with some paper lately making some things for Valentines day.... I made these little heart pockets to fill with candy~I am attending a Valentine party and I am needing 30ish "valentines"... would it be awful to play favorites and give these out to the people I like? and give those not so cute dollar store ones to those I can barely tolerate? Ohhhhhh so fifth grade I know....
I do like to mix things up just a smidge.... keep the ol' blood circulating~
Oh how I love little cherubs.... this one is sweet in all her glittery glory. She sits on a hanging perch safe from all the kitties thinking she is a little bird they are needing to catch~
I got a delightful package in the mail from Natalea filled with wonderful Valentine goodies.
She is a very talented artist and I am filled with joy to have some of her work in my home.... somewhere I've got some things to decorate for Valentines day, I'm motivated to find them now!


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