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Here are my latest newly found treasures~ I picked up this rose painting at an Estate sale for $10, I talked her down from $20.A brand new silver spiral tree with two sided heart frames to hold precious photos, this was only $6~ Some new and vintage jewelry. I'm not going to tell you how much I spent on all this stuff... it was way more than I wanted to pay, but thats how it goes sometimes. My intent was to donate all of this to be used doing collages with children... but at some point you just have to realize it just isn't cost effective when you start donating expensive stuff. lol The silver little trunk was .50cents and the four antique photos were .50cents each~I also picked up a huge red radio wagon (one of the new plastic ones with two pop up seats) for $7.50, a Big Wheels for $5. (I've always wanted one of those!) and various other odds and ends.

Floral Printed Lingerie - 1964

Warner's bra and girdle

Printed lingerie is quite common today, but in the early 60s, bras, panties, slips, and girdles in pretty floral prints were a new and revolutionary idea. Women could be just as pretty underneath their clothes as they were on the outside. And who wouldn't want to wear these spring floral prints instead of plain old white? These images are all from 1964.

Saramae nylon half slip with scalloped hem

Lejaby print bra with lace

Gotham chemise slip with lace edges

Formfit-Rogers bra and slip in black and white poppy print

Triumph International all-in-one corset with pale gray and blue print

The trick to wearing printed lingerie? Don't wear it under white or pale colors if you don't want show through! And did you know, if you're wearing white, you should wear flesh colored lingerie. A white bra or white panties will be glaringly visible under white clothing.

Introducing the Hat Collection of Jeannette Brewer

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Last week, I was lucky enough to purchase a large collection of hats that belonged to New York socialite, Jeannette Brewer. Jeannette was born in 1892 in Brooklyn. She married in the 1920s and moved to Manhattan where she was quite the social butterfly. She was a fashion maven, and shopped at the best stores. Many of her hats bear labels from Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's Little Shops, and on and on. I have Jeannette's 1920s wedding coronet, a couple of her flapper cloches, and loads of stylish toppers from the 1930s and 40s. I am very excited to bring this collection to you at Couture Allure, as these are some of the best hats I've had in years! Be sure to watch the site for Jeannette's hats over the next several weeks.

Vestido balonê tomara-que-caia florido - VENDIDO

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Vestido tqc curto balonê da marca Bike Girls

vestido floral em malha flamê forrado, com top no busto

A moda verão será florida e de cores animadas, floreie-se!!

Tam. P
Medidas: busto: 83cm; altura: 71cm; quadril: 103cm

De R$103, 27 por apenas R$69,00 - economize R$34,27

Para comprar, deixe um comentário ou escreva para

The Look of Suits - 1955


Back in the day, most women had at least one good suit in their closet. Spring was the perfect time to buy a new one, as you could wear it for Easter and then continue to use it for years to come. Take a look at these beauties from 1955. Be prepared to drool.

This Zelinka-Matlick suit was featured in an ad for Miron wool, "the best wool you can put on your back". The hat is by Sally Victor and the fur muff by Fredrica.

A Bergdorf Goodman exclusive, this worsted flannel suit came in gray or navy. Sold for $195 in 1955 (about $1577 in today's dollar).

The Cadillac of suit makers, Lilli Ann, offered this one in an unusual blend of silk, mohair, and worsted wool. "Sleeves are pleated for drama...buckles are from Austria, studded with hand-cut turquoise, coral, pale beige, or mauve blue". Sold for $100 in 1955 (about $809 in today's dollar).

Bonwit Teller offered this suit by Monte-Sano in gray tweed or navy Forstmann wool. It has s shorter double-breasted jacket over a fullish skirt. Jacques Tiffeau was the designer at Monte-Sano at this time, so this is one of his suits. Sold for $235 in 1955 (about $1900 in today's dollar).

Oleg Cassini started designing under his own label in the early 1950s. He always did sexy, even in a simple suit. Va voom!

At Couture Allure, we love vintage suits, and always try to have a nice selection available for you. For spring, I love this 1950s tropical weight gray wool suit by Handmacher. It has sweet smiley pockets and the sleeves can be worn cuffed or not.

Calça marrom - VENDIDA

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Calça básica marrom Cia. do Estudante

Com fechamento lateral com zíper invisível
(65% poliéster, 32% algodão, 3% elastano)

Tamanho: M
Cor: Marrom

De R$99,00 por apenas R$49,90 - economize R$49,10


AGORA É R$29,00

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Dresses and Suits

New this week at Couture Allure are some great dresses, a couple of coat/dress sets, and a fabulous suit!

Weekend Eye Candy - Jean-Louis Scherrer 1991

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From 1991 - Silk organza mini dress embroidered with paillette sequins and pearls by Jean-Louis Scherrer Boutique. Check out those crystal bracelets, also by Jean-Louis Scherrer.

Sick Day

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I have been unable to get out of bed all day. I hate being sick, but I am now headed back there. Sorry, friends. No vintage today. But could someone send a nurse? And some old-fashioned ginger ale made without high fructose corn syrup and with real ginger? Please?


Peeps! I was wanting to make an Easter banner for my home... something small and cute and well, Eastery. I came up with this peep banner using felt I already had. Nothing like shopping your own stuff huh?Here is a close up of the little peeps on the banner. I think it turned out super caute.... I think I'll use this as a continuing theme for this upcoming Easter. Easy-peasy! Here is another view..Okokok... now I'm just showing off all my neat stuff! :-P I've linked up to Someday Crafts Easter linky party.

Jeweler Ilias Lalaounis

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I was thumbing through a magazine from 1973 that had a feature on Greece, when this image caught my eye. Well, not the image so much. It was the necklace that grabbed my attention. Stunning, no? This sculptured silver butterfly with articulated wings is set with semi-precious stones and hangs from a plexiglass collar. It was designed and made by Ilias Lalaounis.


Turns out, Lalaouinis is quite the talented artist. He is a 4th generation jeweler who joined the family business in 1940. He studied ancient techniques for working with 18 and 22 karat gold. In the 1950s, he began designing jewelry based upon ancient Greek artifacts, and his career took off.

In 1969, Lalaounis left the family business to form his own company. He opened several stores on various Greek islands, as well as in cities throughout the world. Today, the company thrives and Ilias' daughter Maria has become the 5th generation jeweler in the family.


In 1993, Lalaounis opened the Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum in Athens, Greece. Here you can see over 3000 pieces of jewelry designed by him throughout the last 60 years. It's well worth a stop if your travel plans include the Greek Isles.


If you'd like to see the current designs being offered by the Lalaounis company, take a look at their gorgeous website, and be prepared to drool.

Been Paintin'

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I finally finished painting the pie safe my mother gave me... here is the before photo. Here is the after.... Drum roll please, rat-tat-tat-tat-tat~ I LOVE it! I used white flat paint and I distressed the edges of the pie safe ever so slightly with a brown ink pad. I covered the aluminum panels in each door with cardboard that fits snuggly inside each square. They can be popped out at a moments notice~ I used spray adhesive to adhere thin batting over each cardboard square then I tufted some shabby chic fabric with white buttons. I used glass knobs on the drawer at the botton and I used slightly bigger wooden knobs then what was originally on the piece for each door. I already had the white paint and the knobs... and I even had the Shabby Chic fabric that I used on the door. Total cost... fa-reeeeeeee~
On the top of the pie safe I hung a mirror I recently painted and aged, (up until now it was propped against the wall behind a rocking chair) This is still a work in progress... I think it turned out super caute!
I've linked up to Domestically Speaking power of paint party. On the previous post you can see some of my fabulous thrifted treasures... seriously cool stuff that I picked up super cheap! *insert gloating smile here*

Vintage Dresses for Spring - 1948

It strikes me that all these women look so pretty and feminine in their dresses for spring 1948. At the same time, they are demure and sedate. No low-cut necklines, no body-hugging cuts, no short hemlines. I think these dresses are lovely. How about you?

Peck and Peck striped chambray cotton. Dress sold for $17 in 1948 (about $153 in today's dollar).

June Arden white eyelet peplum dress. Dress sold for $15 in 1948 (about $135 in today's dollar).

Dorothy Hubbs Bemberg rayon dress with a geometric print. Dress sold for $15 in 1948 (about $135 in today's dollar).

Dorothy Hubbs Bemberg rayon dress with diagonal stripes and bow at bust. Dress sold for $15 in 1948 (about $135 in today's dollar).

Alice Stuart blouse and skirt in a linen/rayon blend. Set sold for $12 in 1948 (about $108 in today's dollar).

Bonwit Teller sundress with bolero in Dan River cotton plaid. Dress sold for $9 in 1948 (about $81 in today's dollar).