Happy New Year!

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A heart felt "Happy New Year" to all my bloggin' buddies!
It is my prayer that we all have a year of good health....
And plenty of hours in the day to get all the fun things we want to get done... done.
See you next year...
I always love saying that each year... so fifth grade, I know. *wink*

Weekend Eye Candy - Nina Ricci, 1936

What better way to greet the New Year than in a dress from the 1930s?  Nina Ricci designed this metallic brocade gown in 1936.  It is deep Persian blue with a multi-colored metallic design in the weave of the cloque fabric.  Whatever you decide to wear tonight, have fun, stay safe, and party like it's 2012!

Lanvin-Castillo Dress - 1958

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Bergdorf Goodman offered this copy of a Lanvin-Castillo design in their custom salon for Spring 1958.  The dress was available in all white lace or white lace re-embroidered in gold or silver threads. Perfect for your New Year's celebration, no? Sold for $650 in 1958 (about $5,093 in today's dollar.)

Vestido cetim um ombro só - Soul Chic

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Vestido cetim um ombro só Soul Chic

Tinha que ser da Soul Chic este vestido chiquérrimo!
Se você é uma pessoa elegante e corre atrás de seus objetivos, ficará deslumbrante nesta peça, cor nude
Um ombro só com fivela prateada e drapeados no busto e laterais
97% poliester, 3% elastano

Tamanho: M (modelagem pequena, veste P)
Cor: rosa nude

O nude já é um clássico, inspire-se:

Por apenas R$99,00

Para comprar ou encomendar outros tamanhos, escreva: sac@modacereja.com.br

Saiba como comprar na Moda Cereja, clicando aqui

Serbin Golfer - 1949

Actress Jane Russell models a Serbin Golfer dress from 1949.  Not only for sports, Serbin sold this dress for daytime around-the-house wear too.  Versatility is the key here with a full length separating zipper hidden behind the fly front, sleeves than could unbutton for more room, a pleated back yoke for easy movement and removable shoulder pads.  Made of striped cotton chambray.  Sold for $12.95 in 1949 (about $123 in today's dollar.)

Adele Simpson Dress and Coat - 1956

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What could be better than a dress by Adele Simpson?  How about one with a matching coat?  Spatter print silk in Delphinium blue makes the dress and lines the blue wool coat.  Sold for $275 in 1956 (about $2,289 in today's dollar.)

Wicker Barbie furniture

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I purchased some wicker Barbie doll furniture recently.... I'm sure you've seen these before. I plan on putting these in the Barbie house I'm working on. They looked a little to bulky to me...... so I made them over a little bit. I cut off the bulky loops that hung down on the side table, along with some of the decorative supports that were attached to each leg..... giving each piece a sleeker look. Here you can see the table which I've striped down.Once I had the pieces looking how I wanted them, I had to replace the missing "wicker." I wrapped raffia around the legs, attaching it with a tiny bit of hot glue to adhere each starting and ending piece. Here you can see where I've begun painting the wicker chairs with some regular house paint. You really need to give it a thick coat of paint to give the finished pieces a nicer real wicker look. Plus the paint acts as a glue to hold the pieces together.You can see the difference between spray paint and house/wall paint in this photo below. The spray paint just didn't cut it.... I used cardboard to fill in the pieces on the backs of each chair.I then added some pink felt and some fluffy white pipe cleaners as the trim. At a later date this chair will get a pillow and a lap blanket tossed over the back of the chair....probably even a foot stool!I also made some gold framed pictures to hang on the wall. I used some beautiful art work from ads in a magazine which I glued to some heavy chip board. I then pulled from my huge stash of dresden trim to use as the gold frames. Caute! Next I want to make some twin beds using these light switch plates..... can you visualize it?I was lucky to find a fridge, a stove and a bird cage at a thrift store, all this was a couple of bucks.... Barbie just informed me she wants all stainless steel appliances in her kitchen... hmmmm I think I might be able to pull that off! *fingers crossed*

Oscar de la Renta Dress - 1967

Here in Boston, we've been blessed with relatively mild temperatures for the past couple of months.  (Did I just jinx it?)  That doesn't mean I don't long for tropical temperatures and warm ocean breezes.  This 1967 dress by Oscar de la Renta is perfect for enjoying those fantasies.  And a long orange beaded necklace as an ankle bracelet?  Why not?

Road Trip!

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My dears, I am very excited!  I am headed out on a 6-week cross country road trip that will take me through at least 12 states in my search for vintage clothing to bring to you.  Along the way, I'll see old friends, travel old roads and have some good old times.  I'll be poking into antique shops, flea markets and thrift stores.  I'll be making house calls and digging in attics.  And I'll be shipping loads of wonderful vintage goodies back to our offices that will be coming to the website starting in February.

My staff will continue to list new items on the website while I'm away, but we'll only be shipping once a week from now through February 6. 

For the blog?  I'll be showing one fabulous dress per day for the next 6 weeks.  There are some real drool-worthy beauties coming for you.  Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, dear readers. May the joy of the season be with you today.

Weekend Eye Candy - Paul Poiret, 1929

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I finally got to see "Midnight in Paris" yesterday.  It has now taken it's place in the list of my top 10 movies of all time.  If you haven't seen it I highly recommend this wonderful, wonderful film.  After watching the movie, I am inspired to bring you a dress from the 1920s today.  Paul Poiret designed this beauty in 1929.  It is red crepe with gold embroidery.  You certainly could wear it to hang with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Sqare Nine Hotel Belgrade!


Yes, going out in Belgrade (city famous for it's nightlife) for a drink in hotels is in vogue again, thanks to hotel Square Nine. I loved this place since the first time my foot stepped in it. Why? Well, the list is long: fantastic atmosphere, amazing retro design ( like ambassadors office in '60s:), fashionable people, rich coffee, and notable cocktail list - you should try Square Nine Classic.

Sqare Nine is first serious design hotel in Belgrade, made by famous architect Isay Weinfeld - designer of Sao Paolo's smart hotel Fasano. Hotel is furnished with vintage Danish furniture collected with New Yorks antique dealer. The hotel's lounge lobby is ideal for morning coffees, and afterwork cocktails. Upstairs you can find 45 rooms with cozy touches such as handwoven Turkish rugs and cashmere blankets. Each room has posh accessories like Hermes toiletries and Pratesi sheets, even wastebaskets are made for leather.

Da, izlazak u lobby hotela je ponovo IN u BG-u, zahvaljujuci hotelu Square Nine. Obozavam ovo mesto jos od prvog trenutka, prelep retro ambijent ukrasen sa patchwork persijskim tepihom, vintage detaljima i cool knjigama, jazz iz '60-ih u pozadini, preljubazno osoblje, zanimljivi, sredjeni ljudi, fenomelna koktel lista.... Dovoljno?  
Idealno je i za jutarnju kafu, kao i za after work koktele.

Square Nine je prvi hotel ovog tipa u prestonici, projektovao ga je cuveni arhitekta Isay Weinfeld koji potpisuje i cuveni smart hotel Fasano u San Paolu. 
Enterijeru ovog hotela se poklonila posebna paznja, pa je nabavljan vintage namestaj iz New Yorskih antikvarnica, a svih 45 soba imaju posh dadatke u vidu Hermes sapuncica i kupki do Pratesi posteljine...

Sto bi moja drugarica rekla, Beograd je ponovo postao cool grad:)

P.S. Kada ste vec tamo probajte koktel Square Nine Classic.

Square Nine Classic


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So yesterday I sitting at a red light watching the cars come off of the free way thinking to myself " Wouldn't it be awful to be in an accident at Christmas time?" When BAM, I was hit from behind...... I couldn't believe it! Even though I was wearing my seat belt (lap belt... its an old car)--- I was twisted in my seat to the point my left leg was practically under the dash board and my right leg was practically in the drivers seat. My foot was forced off the gas pedal and I had to quickly readjust myself in the seat to quickly hit the break as I was traveling into traffic..... I turned off my car and got out and just gasped at the women like "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!" There she was holding onto the steering wheel AND her cell phone. She told me, "I didn't even see you."...... You just know she was TEXTING........ snot nosed little kid.....
Anywho, I'm fine other than extremely sore down my back and my head feels like its going to wobble off my sore neck and who knows why my left knee is hurting me..... but other than that I'm fabulous. Praise God :-)
My beloved '66 Mustang is sitting in some cold, cramped, dingy, tow yard lot.... *sniffle-sniffle*..... its backside all pushed out of shape. She hit me so hard that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she knocked the car off its chassis...... My husband drove me to my doctor and she saw me immediately and told me I was going to "live" ... whew, it was touch and go until she told me that :-P What they fall to tell you about whiplash is that it effects everything your wanting to do. Try getting out of bed or the bathtub--- and you'll soon find out you use your neck muscles for everything.Snot nosed kid....

Friday Fur - Lanvin, 1948


There are furs, and then there are furs.  This full length silver fox fur coat by Jeanne Lanvin from 1948 is certain to cover even the most voluminous ballgown.  Winter winds be damned!

The Office Christmas Party

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Having an office Christmas party today? Remember, he won't look nearly as handsome after the punch wears off, dear.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by Couture Allure.

Ines Jankovic catalogue promotion!


Last night fabulous concept store Pierre Premier was hot spot for all fashionistas in Belgrade. Reason: promotion of Ines Jankovic catalogue of collection "Amazon Attitude". As you all know Ines Jankovic was since day one one of my favorite young designers, can't wait to see her new work.

Sinoc, predivna koncept radnja Pierre Premier je bila hot spot za sve fashioniste u gradu. Razlog: promocija kataloga poslednje kolekcije Ines Jankovic koja nosi naziv "Amazon Attitude". Kao sto znate, Ines je bila jedan on mojih favorita od prvog dana :)

Sinoc je bilo dobre muzike:

I stylish ljudi:

via Zorranah.com

Via Zorranah.com