Wicker Barbie furniture

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
I purchased some wicker Barbie doll furniture recently.... I'm sure you've seen these before. I plan on putting these in the Barbie house I'm working on. They looked a little to bulky to me...... so I made them over a little bit. I cut off the bulky loops that hung down on the side table, along with some of the decorative supports that were attached to each leg..... giving each piece a sleeker look. Here you can see the table which I've striped down.Once I had the pieces looking how I wanted them, I had to replace the missing "wicker." I wrapped raffia around the legs, attaching it with a tiny bit of hot glue to adhere each starting and ending piece. Here you can see where I've begun painting the wicker chairs with some regular house paint. You really need to give it a thick coat of paint to give the finished pieces a nicer real wicker look. Plus the paint acts as a glue to hold the pieces together.You can see the difference between spray paint and house/wall paint in this photo below. The spray paint just didn't cut it.... I used cardboard to fill in the pieces on the backs of each chair.I then added some pink felt and some fluffy white pipe cleaners as the trim. At a later date this chair will get a pillow and a lap blanket tossed over the back of the chair....probably even a foot stool!I also made some gold framed pictures to hang on the wall. I used some beautiful art work from ads in a magazine which I glued to some heavy chip board. I then pulled from my huge stash of dresden trim to use as the gold frames. Caute! Next I want to make some twin beds using these light switch plates..... can you visualize it?I was lucky to find a fridge, a stove and a bird cage at a thrift store, all this was a couple of bucks.... Barbie just informed me she wants all stainless steel appliances in her kitchen... hmmmm I think I might be able to pull that off! *fingers crossed*


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