Happy Halloweenie~

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Weekend Eye Candy - Bonnie Cashin 1956

What could be more perfect to wear on Halloween than this orange wool houndstooth dress and cape ensemble by Bonnie Cashin from 1956. Edged in leather binding, the cape has a large hook closure at the neck.

Jane Irwill Sweaters

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The Jane Irwill Company was a manufacturer best known for their sweaters. Started in 1923 by Irving Louis, Jane Irwill produced basic and fashion sweaters, sometimes with co-ordinates. In the mid 1960s, the company tried to become more fashion forward by collaborating with designers Donald Brooks and Ingeborg Markus, and in 1973, Jane Irwill was contracted to make Yves St. Laurent's basic sweaters for the US and Canadian markets. The company disappeared from media mention by the late 1970s.

Here, from 1955, are examples of what Jane Irwill is best known for, basic sweaters with matching co-ordinates.

Sweaters in Super Orlon with matching wool skirts were produced in 15 colors and were sold in such stores as B. Altman and Marshall Field. The sweaters sold for $6.50 each (about $52.00 in today's dollar) and the skirts for $9.00 each (about $72.00 in today's dollar).

These sweater styles were made in Botany wool in 14 colors and coordinated with matching wool skirts. The sweaters sold for $6.50 each (about $52.00 in today's dollar) and the skirts for $11.00 each (about $88.00 in today's dollar).

Show & Tell~

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This week I'm showing my cameo collection. Now, none of these are super old or worth anymore than what I paid for them (about $2 bucks each-- tops) But they sure do look nice when all grouped together in a little bowlie on my bathroom counter. Here are some vintage inspired two sided pin-keeps that I just made. I really like how they turned out. When I had completed one I thought to myself, "These would be great at showcasing an old piece of jewelry"....Soooooooo taaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaa now I've got some vintage inspired jewelry holders! The jewelry piece in the center of this one pictured below is a pin-backed piece that is indeed old... I found it in amongst some buttons in a tin that I picked up for $2~ If ever When I open an etsy shop, I'd like to make & sell these.... What do you think I could charge for them.... $10 bucks each? Or do you think thats to much???? Input would be greatly appreciated :-)

You can also see more Show & Tells over at Cindy's blog "My Romantic Home" If you have linked to my blog and wish to view more, just click right here!

Vintage Hats from the 1930s

This is one of those posts where I don't have to say much. All you have to do is enjoy the pretty pictures! All hats from 1935 - 1937.

Full Skirts - 1959

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By 1959, the heydey of the full skirt is starting to wane. The look is still popular, but we see much less volume and shorter hemlines. Crinoline petticoats are not worn as often. Bell shaped skirts and skirts with volume at the sides and back instead of all the way around give the appearance of fullness while using less fabric than the dresses of 5 years before.

As I said yesterday, women expected a dress they purchased to last several years. In order to keep up with fashion, most women shortened the hems of their dresses that they had purchased in the mid 1950s rather than buy new ones.

Mr. Mort dress with bolero jacket from 1959.

Left: Gold brocade dress with fullness at sides and back and shorter hem by Youth Guild. Sold for $30 in 1959 (about $220 in today's dollar).
Right: Black point d'esprit lace over black organdy lining by Anne Fogarty hemmed just at the knee. Sold for $50 in 1959 (about $366 in today's dollar).

Kasper white silk beaded dress with bell shaped skirt. Sold for $125 in 1960 (about $900 in today's dollar).


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What on earth do you do with those darn baby bumpers that are for baby cribs. Who uses those? Sure, they look cute when placed in a baby crib, but personally I never used them, I think they are dangerous. With that said... I cut apart the bumper that goes with the crib linen set (Brandee Danielle) for the baby crib I have at my house for when my grandbabies come over. Once I had the fabric pulled apart from the batting, I ironed it, sandwiched a piece of white fabric between the layers of pink and blue gingham and cut out 10 triangle shapes with my rotary cutter. Then I stitched around all 3 sides of all 10 shapes leaving about a 1/4 inch edge-- then I snipped all around the edges of each one, then I tossed them in the dryer to fray the edges. So far so gooooooooood! I decided to put "I love you" on the banner~ I had to make my own letters since I didn't have any. I used illustration board for the letters, then painted them all pink... Now, I just need to add some glitter. Here is some of my stash, yes, I am a hoarder~ Well, thats as far as I've gotten on this project. I am also making some mitten ornaments, some vintage inspired pinkeeps... and I'm thinking with some of that left over bumper material to make a cover for the changing table pad :-)

Full Skirts - 1954

By 1954 - 55, full skirts were an important part of fashion. While slim skirted styles were still popular, by this time most women who could wear a full skirt had at least one in her closet. Keep in mind, at this time in history, a dress was an investment that was expected to last for years, not weeks or months as is the norm today. In the 50s, most women had far fewer garments in their closets than we do today. Any dress that was purchased had to be versatile and well made, because it would be worn often.

Here, some full skirted styles from 1954 - 55.

Anne Fogarty cotton dress with pintucks from shoulder to hips. Sold for $25 in 1954 (about $195 in today's dollar).

Hubert de Givenchy floral silk taffeta dress in grey and yellow.

Adele Simpson navy silk taffeta dress. Sold for $155 in 1955 (about $1233 in today's dollar).

Ben Reig's grey flannel suit has a full pleated skirt. Sold for $295 in 1955 (about $2347 in today's dollar).

Full Skirts - 1951

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Dior may have introduced the full skirt with his "New Look" collection of 1947, but the look wasn't adapted by most American women until 1951. In fact, it wasn't until the summer of 1951, that American Vogue magazine declared "The Full Skirt is the New Skirt". And it wasn't until 1951 that lingerie makers started offering crinoline petticoats in various shapes and fulnesses to be worn under these new full skirts.

Things to consider when wearing full skirts? They look best with high heeled, sleek shoes. Think about the coat you'll wear - a waist length narrow jacket or a long full coat that is the same length as the dress is required. To avoid too much bulk at the hips, consider a drop waisted style with the fullness flaring out from a hip yoke. And choose the proper petticoat with a shape and length that compliments the shape of your full skirt. Wear it inside out if the seams snag your stockings.

Here, some designer styles from 1951.

Black silk organdie suit by Jacques Fath.

Larry Aldrich's black faille dress has the hip yoke referred to above. Sold for $50 in 1951 (about $410 in today's dollar).

Adele Simpson silk brocade suit. Sold for $175 in 1951 (about $1435 in today's dollar).

Castillo white rayon net over silk faille party dress with contrasting silk faille "apron". Sold for $265 in 1951 (about $2173 in today's dollar).

New at Couture Allure - Vintage Designer Dresses and Coats

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New this week at Couture Allure are several vintage designer dresses and a coat, as well as more vintage scarves.

Weekend Eye Candy - Bob Mackie 1972

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cher, oscar dress, 1972Not as extreme as some of her later Oscar dresses, Cher still makes a splash in this Golden Harem ensemble by Bob Mackie at the 1972 Academy Awards. She and Sonny were presenters for Best Original Song. Cher donated this outfit to the Christie's "Unforgettable: Fashion of the Oscars" auction to benefit Aids research. It sold for $27,600, the fifth highest price of the entire auction. Oh, those abs.

Classic Twin Set Sweaters - 1955

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Is there anyone in the world who can't wear a classic twin set?

All from 1955, these photos can serve as inspiration to get a vintage look from a modern twin set. Have a great weekend everyone!

Show & Tell~

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This week I'm showing my newly covered mannequin torso that I picked up at a yard sale for the whopping sum of $20~ You can read all about that and more treasures I picked up here. I painted the wooden neck piece and the metal stand with wooden legs with white spray paint. Next, I used spray adhesive and covered the blow mold form with a thin layer of quilt batting. I then made a fabric pattern with 5 sections to cover the torso...I then made a paper pattern out of that.... thennnn I used the pattern on a thrifted Shabby chic curtain panel (I got two for $6) stitched up the entire thing on my trusty sewing machine then placed it on my mannequin. Taaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaa instant caute! Okokok, not so instant~ but definitely caute!!

Lastly, here is a photo of my birdcage from last weeks "Show & Tell" with a newly made seed catcher and fabric roof. You can read more about that here and here.
Jen is hosting her "Before & After party" on her blog Sanctuary Arts At Home... check it out~ You can also see more Show & Tells over at Cindy's blog "My Romantic Home" If you have linked to my blog and wish to view more, just click right here!

Thrifted treasures~

I had a lot of fun searching for the following treasures that I hauled home, the weather is getting cooler/colder and that of course puts a spring in my step! This Saturday I'll be springing up and down a mile long yard sale! *woot-woot*
I got this basket with six large emu eggs for a $1... I know, what on earth am I going to do with them??? But goodness, a buck? Couldn't pass 'em up!Here is a photo of what I did with the eggs (for now)... very halloweenie!Linens... I love linens! The white coverlet was $2, the old-old quilt top was $1, the crochet white tablecloth was .50cents (crazy!) the doiles were .25cents each. The goldtone rosary box was .50cents.The pumpkin basket was .50cents. Wouldn't this be fabulous filled with pumpkin cookies?Some odds & ends for my studio... all of this on the tray for $3.These dishes were practically free. The saucers were .10cents each, the cup & saucer was .75cents... the two sectioned bowlie thingie was .25cents... the larger plate was .25cents. The three circular doilies were .10cents each~ A box full of flowers & greenery... most of which will be cut off of the stems to be used in some future project/s this stuffed box was $3~