Wednesday, April 4, 2012
I dragged out my new camera and took some close up photos of some of the necklaces I made using old rosary beads and religious medals. This one has a beautiful "mother of pearl" cross as the center piece. I used two different rosaries and some pieces from a bracelet to create this one... The next necklace I made was out of a rosary with metal rose beads. It is my favorite.... some of the beads show a lot of wear on them and a few are tarnished or have a little rust on them. None the less.... its my fav~ I also made a charm bracelet with beads and religious medals...I really love-love this red rosary necklace too...
Another red rosary made into a necklace, these beads are smooth and give the piece a "1970's" feel...Eventually everything pictured will make it over to my etsy store.... $15.00 each ;-)


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