Hand made Pinata

Thursday, March 22, 2012
I finished up a Pirate pinata today. I found a new in the box foam skeleton at a second hand store for .50¢ I cut up a large cardboard box and made the basic outline shape of the skeleton. I used hot glue to glue long narrow strips between the front and back of the pinata. Once the pinata was glued together--- I cut it in half and reattached it together gluing card stock paper to the pieces. This is going to be broken open by 3 to 5 year olds.... so I am hoping a couple of whacks and the candy will go flying! Once the pinata was put back together, I spray painted the whole thing black. I used a roll of black crepe paper streamer that I wound around my hand then just snipped so that when I unrolled it it was fringed. I then ran long lines of glue to adhere the fringed black crepe paper to the shape. I used hot glue to secure the foam skeleton to the pinata.Lastly, I added large red rhinestones for the eyes.... what a cutie~


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