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Monday, February 6, 2012
dress form that is~ I've got a lot of dress forms, some real and some are purely decorative.... Here is one that I covered in buttons... blogged about here. Look at this manly-man shirt form that I picked up for .50¢ It is covered with sheet music fabric. I used Mod Podge to adhere it.Here is a dress form that I bought at a yard sale....I covered it with this lovely old black fabric with pink flowers on it... then I made a "slip cover" for it out of muslin. blogged about here and here. If I remember correctly it was $10.00 This next dress form I made into a cupid, when I bought it-it looked like this, I paid $20 for this one... blogged about here. Here is a link of how I covered this dress form. This one is an old-old dress form that I bought in pieces in a dusty old box, I paid only $3 for it.... blogged about here. It is a very long and slender form... You can see it in the upper right hand corner of this photo...The Styrofoam chest form on the brass stand I've had for years... that was a $3.00 thrift store find. At one time it had leopard fabric on it and was used by my daughter.... now it is covered in vintage sheet music. I'm thinking about making some changeable covers for this one so I can use it to showcase some of the jewelry I make.

I also came across this tiny plastic Barbie doll dress form that I'm going to transform into something that looks a little more vintage. I'll make a stand for it as well~ All the things in this photo are all in the Barbie house I'm working on...Lastly, this is the dress form I am looking for......
Hubba-hubba... one day... one day~

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