Hearts laying around...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
I've been working on making a few Valentine things recently. It is only 21 days away, its sneaking up on me just as fast as Christmas did. Here I've taken one of those plastic gold angels that were really popular once upon a time and turned it into a cupid. I spray painted the little cherub and distressed it then I added real fabric to cover the plastic molded fabric. Of course whats a cupid without fluffy white wings? I also made a quiver full of arrows that he has on his hip. I didn't make a bow for this cupid as he is very cunning and uses the strings on his mandolin to shoot off his arrows. Thats why you never see it coming... then *bam* an arrow right to the butt....er um~ heart.... and your in love~I also whipped up some valentine hearts.... you can never have to many hearts laying around. I've got a lot more hearts I've made over the years, stuffed in a drawer-- somewhere. I'll probably find them around halloween~For fifty cents I purchased a piece of red sequined/stitched fabric that I've been cutting into heart shapes and stitching them together.


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