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Wednesday, January 4, 2012
I've been working towards a goal of finishing one bedroom in the Barbie house I've been puttering around on.... big reveal is going to be next Tuesday! Its time to stop "puttering" and actually start seeing results! Here you can see I've finished the "all important every home must have one"--- bird cage... with a newly made wicker stand. I used a dowel which I wrapped with two different gauges of wire to create the look of wicker. Here you can see the stand with its first coat of spray paint.... Here it is with a coat of acrylic paint applied to it. I'm happy with the results I think it turned out super cute.I also made a long narrow bed for the small bedroom. I used illustration board to create it.... here you can see the rough beginnings of it. I wanted an old antique- shabby chic bed... my first attempts were laughable.... so I thought I'd step it up a bit. I'll go over all the seams with some glue and add paper clay to the joints to give it a smoother appearance before it gets painted. I also want to add some decorative embellishments to the top of the head board and foot board.... maybe even add a finial to each post of the headboard. I am going to paint it white and antique it to finish it off... and of course make a mattress and bedding for it.
I found the fabulous white armoire for .50¢ at a thrift store. It didn't have a back to it or the shelves/cubbies in it when I bought it.... I again used illustration board to fix it up as shown in the previous photo.Here is a sneak peek at what I'm working on next.... I made some spindle legs using some wooden skewers and paper..... I'm hoping to turn this into a nice three tiered shabby chic table. I should be working on my own house.... that darn Barbie has everything--- even my time. *wink*


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