Moving at sloth speed....

Friday, January 20, 2012
Since my car accident that I got rear ended in 28 days ago and having suffered (and am STILL) a cervical spinal sprain... I've been moving at sloth speed. In the morning I'll start off slow, by the afternoon I've gotten slower and by evening... of course even slower... I go to physical therapy twice a week, and those two days along with the day after pretty much have me doing very little... so its like four days out of seven ruined..... total bummer.

I have managed to eek out a few productive hours and created some earrings. Oh.My.Goodness. Another thing to get easily addicted to making. I used new ear wires and new bead pins, but the rest is purely vintage.
I made these with Valentines day in mind. Red enameled beads with tubular red beads at the top.....A pink set, totally loving these ones......This red set is sweet, another set I'm loving....Here is all three pairs of earrings together. These will be listed for $5.00 each~ A winter storm is set to blow in any time now. I really enjoy cooking when it gets cold & rainy outside...Comfort food--- pun intended~


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