Crazy quilt

Thursday, August 11, 2011
My friend Ann gave me a quilt that had been given to her mother years & years ago and was in her estate after she passed away. When she came across these quilt squares, knowing how much I love things like this... she asked me if I wanted them. *goose-pimply-gasp* It is so hard to come off as being gracefully thankful, when your head is telling you to jump for joy and squeal with delight! The writing on the brown paper it was wrapped in said, "From the late 1890's" Look at all the fabulous fabric that is pieced together.... All in all, there is 13 squares of this crazy quilt, with a handful of cut pieces in the mix. I am thinking about making some tote bags with these squares, but for now, I'm just enjoying having them as they are! What a wonderful gift I was given! Thank you very much Ann, how extremely generous you are!


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