That Darn Cat...

Thursday, August 4, 2011
I bought a Disney bracelet from the movie "That Darn Cat" recently, for the huge sum of .25 ¢. The bracelet had seen a lot of wear. I googled trying to find what the original paint would like like on the charms, but everything that popped up was shown to be in the same exact condition as these.... these are about the size of a penny So, I just went with it and painted the siamese cats white. I touched up the black paint as well, and I freshed up the blue eye color too.There was a total of 4 charms on this bracelet. One of the running cat charms is missing, but for .25¢.... I won't complain--- to much. Here is the after.I used regular acrylic paint for each charm. I had to give each charm about 5 coats of each color letting it dry in between coats obviously. To finish them off, I painted on some diamond glaze to act as a sealer. If you come across some painted jewelry that is missing some of the paint, don't let that stop you from buying it and fixing it up!


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