Thursday, September 22, 2011
I manged to find some treasures recently. Look at this pirate loot-- 50 silver spoons for .15¢ each. Sa-weeeeeeeeeeet~A lovely house shaped bird house.Linens and a vintage Virgin Mary wall plaque.Small figurines from tea boxes... to add to my collection.Also, a magnifier and one of those old repurposed glued open books (soon to be a halloween spell book)Also, this very heavy wooden antique mirror.... $1.
Lastly, some sewing things. All of this and some lace trim and an old tin for only ONE DOLLAR. *gasp* There are 3 pair of pinking shears and one pair of scalloped scissors---- all sharp as the day they were purchased! A jar full of super thick pins, sewing needles and small screw drivers.... and--- enough sewing needles to last me literally my entire lifetime... and I plan on living to be 100---


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